About Us

The Sexy Cow Steakhouse welcomes you on Lincoln Road Mall, right in the heart of South Beach, Miami. Our house offers the best grills and a delicate selection of meats, reinterpreting the flavors inherited from our ancestors in the Patagonian region of Chubut. We have as a legacy the art in the preparation of meats and its variety of cuts, as well as the mixture of resources from the sea, land, coast and mountains. That is why we elaborate recipes that range from the influence of the native Mapuches, to the immigrants from Central Europe who arrived in the region years ago. With that love for tradition we put our dishes on your table.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the personal touch of our chef, and with all the quality of the best steakhouses in the country. Ideal for business, family or romantic dinners. Visit us and enjoy the magic of a unique kitchen in the sexiest city in the world.

Keep Calm and be Sexy!